June 1-3 /2022


Bulgaria, Inter Expo Center Sofia

Automotive & Mobility Forum 2022

A unique platform for sharing best practices, in-depth case studies, exchanging knowledge and ideas, fostering new business relationships and finding solutions in the region.


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Site Visits

Participants of the Forum will benefit from the unique opportunity to visit Sensata Technologies Bulgaria and Melexis innovative manufacturing facilities free of charge.
See exciting automotive innovations in operation, get inspired and share your experience with peers and colleagues at the Forum.

* Places for each site visit are strictly limited.
* Registration will operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
* You must be registered for the Forum to join the site visits.

Gala Dinner

A selection of participants will have the opportunity to take part in an official gala dinner on 2 June in Hyatt Hotel, Sofia.
The event brings together high-level attendees, C-suite executives and business leaders, senior representatives from government, leading academics and thinkers.
We encourage you to book your table early for an evening of unique networking and entertainment.



Participants of the Forum will benefit from the unique opportunity to visit 3 - 4 innovative Tier-1 suppliers’ manufacturing facilities free of charge.
See exciting automotive innovations in operation, get inspired and share your experience with peers and colleagues at the Forum.
* Places for each site visit are strictly limited.
* Registration will operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
* You must be registered for the Forum to join the site visits.

Registration and morning coffee

Welcoming address and opening remarks

Keynote presentation

Session 1: Automotive industry transformation in the SEE region: Building a new ecosystem and unlocking the full potential of the SEE market

  • Analysis of current industry status and forecasts
  • Plans and strategies of Governments in the SEE countries to transform the automotive industry
  • Views from OEMs: Strategies and demands for the future
  • Investment opportunities in the SEE countries and supply chain potential
  • Nearshoring opportunities in SEE


Coffee and networking break

Session 2: Innovation trends and technologies for a new automotive era: The car of the future is electric, autonomous, connected and shared

  • Electric car trends:
    - Overview of innovative technologies. Latest trends in EV development. How to make electric vehicles affordable? How to increase battery capacity and efficiency? Thermal management in electric vehicles
    - Connecting vehicles to smart city infrastructure and city transport innovations: creating a new charging infrastructure – how to charge faster?
  • Prospects for autonomous vehicles: Overcoming challenges in designing reliable fully autonomous vehicles (noise factor and legal restrictions). Perspectives on regulatory approval for a new Drive Pilot Level 3 self-driving system
  • Connected mobility in the digital age
    - Developing sensors and connectivity around the vehicle
    - Foolproof sensors to ward against sensor malfunction



Session 3: Automotive software solutions – driving the transformation of the automotive industry

  • Analysis of current industry status and forecasts
  • How to harness the potential of the latest software developments?
  • Case studies of successful automotive software projects
  • Customer-focused software solutions – how to optimise the mobility experience?
  • Cyber security: eliminating the cyberrisk of connected cars

Technical Break

Session 4: Digitalisation of manufacturing processes. Increasing production efficiency

  • Industry 4.0 after COVID-19: Reimagining automotive manufacturing operations
  • Creating collaboration standards along the software value chain: Quality and safety requirements that need significant verification and validation
  • Views from OEMs: Strategies and demands for the future
  • How will Artificial Intelligence and 5G reshape the automotive industry?
  • Smart factories: the latest ideas and solutions


Coffee and networking break

Session 5: Start-ups as a driving force for innovation and growth

  • The power of start-ups for driving the industry towards innovation
  • Supporting start-ups: How to find funding and investment opportunities in the early stages?
  • Session of start-up presentations offering innovative solutions for the automotive industry

Session 6: Sustainability in the automotive industry

  • Developing sustainable strategies and solutions to transform both the product and the value chain
  • Which processes should be prioritised in the transition towards sustainability?
  • Introducing and increasing the use of biodegradable and eco materials
  • How to implement sustainable solutions, such as the ‘circular economy’ and recycling?
  • Recycling, refurbishing, and zero emissions in the automotive industry
  • The opportunities and ramifications of decarbonisation: development of CNG, LNG and hydrogen-fuel vehicles
  • Eco-solutions that reduce vehicle fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • ESG investment as a driver for sustainability in the automotive industry

B2B meetings

A series of short, organised meetings, hosted by OEMs and suppliers Pre-scheduled, private and time-effective. Available on a first-come, first-served basis

Gala Dinner, Hyatt Hotel. With cover charge.

Registration and morning coffee

Session 7: Supply chain and logistics trends in the SEE automotive sector

  • Overcoming supply challenges in the post-pandemic world. Supply chain disruptions in the automotive industry
  • How to build a resilient and productive supply chain in the region?
  • How to create full transparency along the supply chain?
  • Interaction between OEMs and suppliers: quality control, cost optimisation
  • Suppliers’ strategies to meet OEM expectations
  • Diversification trends in the automotive suppliers’ sector
  • How will autonomous vehicles influence the supply chain?
  • Overcoming current shortages in semiconductors and raw materials
  • How does the industrial revolution 4.0 change logistics trends in the automotive industry?

Regulatory Round-Table: Present and future of the Bulgarian car fleet. Creating a state policy for mobility and car fleet management

Organised in partnership with Association of Car Manufacturers

Current state of the mobility and fleet process management
Host: Hrabrin Ivanchev, Chairman of Association of Car Manufacturers
  • Current state of the car fleet of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Market, technical security and car service. Tax policy.

Creating a mobility policy for a sustainable car fleet
  • Electrification and digitalization of the fleet management. Creating a car register containing information about each newly registered car for the period of its operation. Digitization of the processes related to the use and servicing of vehicles in Bulgaria. The example of Romania.
  • State support for renewal and decarbonization of the fleet. Creation of an ecological fund to stimulate the renewal of the fleet. Possible change in the annual car tax according to the damage they cause to the environment. Incentives and sanctions.
  • Development and construction of the charging infrastructure for electric cars in big cities and on the national road network.

Official opening of Sofia Motor Show

Event Sponsors

Media Partners

Event Speakers

Dr. Johannes Plümpe

Head of Direct Purchasing Hardware/Software, CARIAD

Ivan Mihaylov

Chairman of the Board of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria

Marius Homann

Head of Software Purchasing, CARIAD

Sylvain Collot

Site Manager, Melexis

Stoyan Nikolov

Test Manager and Group Lead, Bosch Engineering Center

Momchil Stanchev

Head of Department, Bosch Engineering Center

Berry Leung

Founder and Director, Teksbotics

Velizar Dimov

System Validation and Engineering DevOps Lead, Visteon

Nikolay Lavrov

Senior Engineering Manager, Electrification – Global SW Development, Visteon

Fabian Sperka

Vehicles Policy Manager, NGO Transport and Environment

Kuzman Iliev

Economist, SIPP

DongJo Yang

Lead Research Engineer, GIGA

Emil Shekerdzhiiski

Founder of Networking Premium Coworking

Olga Trofymova PhD, CMC

Director Quality Centre, Ukraine

Georgi Trendafilov

Director Emergency Transport Solutions, cargo-partner

Victor Batov

Director of Business Development, cargo-partner

Jürgen Sahtel

Partnerships & Project Manager, ATOM Mobility

Antonia Mavrova

Partner, Head of the Firm-Wide Automotive & Industrials sector Kinstellar Sofia



Marcus Rauschelbach

Regional Key Account Manager Automotive Europe, cargo-partner

Martin Valchanov

Founder, Aver Mobility

Petko Bozhinov

Co-founder, Aver Mobility

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